Futures Network West Midlands

Looking to the future in an uncertain world

The following list shows the range of activities which the Network has participated in since 2010.

First Steps

  • Inaugural meeting: 18 November 2010

  • Establishment of FNWM Development Group and issuing of draft Prospectus: April 2011

  • Building the agenda: the Evening Debates

  • July 2011: First Evening Debate
    Prospects for the West Midlands
    Speaker: Paul Spooner, Homes and Communities Agency

  • October 2011: Second Evening Debate
    Future prospects for the West Midlands Economy
    Speaker: Professor David Bailey, Coventry Business School

  • March 2012: Third Evening Debate
    Transport issues in the West Midlands
    Speaker: Professor Alan Wenban-Smith, Independent Consultant

  • September 2012: Fourth Evening Debate
    Demographic issues facing the West Midlands
    Speaker: Dr Peter Lee, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham

  • August 2013: Fifth Evening Debate
    The state of the West Midlands 2013: health, wealth and the pursuit of happiness
    Speaker: Sherman Wong, Centre for Local Government West Midlands

  • October 2013: Sixth Evening Debate
    The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Economic Partnership (GBSLEP) Strategic Plan
    Speaker: David Carter, Birmingham City Council

  • Responding To Consultations

  • October 2011: response to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on the Draft National Planning Policy Framework

  • January 2011: response to DCLG on the Environmental Report on the revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategy for the West Midlands

  • January 2013: further response to Government consultation on the revised Strategic Environmental Assessment of the revocation of the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy

  • January 2014: consultation response to the GBSLEP Strategic Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth

  • The changing demography of the West Midlands and its consequences

  • 2012/13: Preparation of a Background Report highlighting headline points from the analysis of 2011 Census results – Working Paper 1 Demographic issues facing the West Midlands, December 2013

  • March 2013: Seminar 1
    Live long and prosper: the implications of demographic change for health inequalities across the West Midlands
    Partnership event with the Learning for Public Health Network WM and West Midlands Councils

  • April 2013: Seminar 2
    Beyond the 2011 Census: meeting housing requirements across the West Midlands
    Partnership event with the West Midlands Housing Officers Group

  • Transport challenges facing the West Midlands

  • November 2013: Seminar
    HS2 or what? Transport choices for West Midlands’ regeneration
    Partnership event with the Lunar Society Transport and Climate Change Group and the University of Birmingham Centre for Urban and Regional Studies
    Keynote speaker: Professor Sir Peter Hall, University College London; Chair Gisela Stuart MP; panellists Professor David Bailey, Aston University Business School; Cllr Roger Lawrence, Wolverhampton City Council