Futures Network West Midlands

Looking to the future in an uncertain world

The following FNWM publications can be viewed

The FNWM prospectus

  • January 2014 - here

  • Responses to Consultations

  • October 2011: response to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on the Draft National Planning Policy Framework - here

  • January 2011: response to DCLG on the Environmental Report on the revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategy for the West Midlands - here

  • January 2013: further response to Government consultation on the revised Strategic Environmental Assessment of the revocation of the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy - here

  • January 2014: consultation response to the GBSLEP Strategic Spatial Plan for Recovery and Growth here

  • Working Papers

  • Working Paper 1 - Demographic issues facing the West Midlands - February 2014 - here

  • FNWM Manifesto - October 2014

  • Working Together For A Better West Midlands - A Manifesto - here

  • Working Together For A Better West Midlands - Working Paper - here